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First "What Happened to Lani Garver" Community

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[24 Mar 2008|10:38am]


{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}
Invitation to a Beheading, The Underground History of American Education, Anthem

{What do you think Lani Garver was?}
I think he was an androgyne, like me. I have never identified more strongly with a character in a book.

{How did you feel after reading that book?}
I was in great pain. I felt in part like I had watched myself die.

{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}
The concept of a banned book has no place in a human society worthy of the name.

{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}
I doubt it could work better than as the solitary, personal experience that the book gives. Translations never match the original, anyway.

{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}
Well, you did say exactly, so this will be more complicated than the other answers.

I have convinced myself that he lived, as thus: that he managed to escape the tangled nightgown (it was ripped, after all), then getting, partly by whatever swimming ability he had, partly by the current, to the harbor (how far away was that, anyway? I don't think the book specified), unnoticed while Claire dove down yet again and everyone was looking near them at the surface of the water. By the time Phil was looking for him, he was heading towards home to get his stuff and get out of there, which he did before his mother got home, changing into warm, dry clothes and stuffing the wet ones away in one backpack. Knowing that he'd better get off the island and fast, because he didn't know Tony, etc., didn't know where he was and weren't coming after him, he left Andovenes behind as a parting gift to Claire, knowing what she would see in it. He went to the bus station and got off the island that way.

Convenient? Possibly. It's quite painful to imagine a character I identify with as closely as Lani being killed as he apparently was. But assuming he drowned leaves a few things unexplainable. And there's nothing necessary about the current helping him rather than destroying him, but as I said, assuming he drowned does not explain a key point or two.
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Intro Post [11 Mar 2008|01:20am]

[ mood | accomplished ]


{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}
Brave New World, Keeping You a Secret, The Lovely Bones.

{What do you think Lani Garver was?}
That really depends on my mood. Currently, I believe Lani Garver was a very special human. He possessed the ability to analyze and interpret the actions and appearances of many people, and accept them for what they really were. He was kind to all, even if they treated him with hostility. He understood things beyond his age, and his intelligence seemed to reach no end. I've come to believe that he was a floating angel, but not in a religious sense. In his own way he was of a higher power, and he used his empathetic nature to help those struggling around him.

{How did you feel after reading that book?}
The first time I finished the book, I felt as though I was looking down at my own body as I drifted down the stairs for dinner. It was the most frightening and amazing experience I've had to date. At first, I was completely and utterly depressed, but I retained an ounce of belief that Lani had no end. He was really the first character I could ever relate to in so many different ways. I felt like I'd met him personally, and he remains my favorite fictional character of all time. I've written many essays on Lani, even those that suggested using very well known works of fiction. Lani had a lot to say, even in his silence, and I'll forever use him as an example.

{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}
Absolutely not. What Happened to Lani Garver is an amazing story about personal growth suitable for both teenagers and adults. The book touches base on every day issues in the world that are overlooked or avoided in discussions. Which topics are purposely avoided in many discussions, available novels, or projects? Illnesses, disorders, homosexuality, drugs and alcohol, hate crimes, and the line between religion and reality. This book brings all of those to the surface, sometimes in a very blunt way. The truth must be spoken, no matter how harsh it may be.

{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}
Lani Garver deserves a lot more attention, but I wouldn't want to see a film come about. It's wonderful to see a visual, but it was hard enough seeing a photograph on the cover of the book, let alone a feature film. I'd prefer to imagine the characters and settings in my own mind opposed to someone else's.

{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}
Depends on the moment I'm considering it all. In the end, I feel the same way Claire feels about the situation. Logically, it would make sense that he was indeed killed, but logical answers aren't always the most satisfying. They may not even be the most correct in some cases. Most days I choose to believe that Lani was some sort of supernatural being that walked in and out of Claire's life to help her. I'd say my feelings about Lani border on the line between religion and reality, creating more of a science fiction scenario. I guess in some ways I can relate to Claire, but in most ways I always felt I knew Lani best. There are plenty of clues throughout the novel that hint that Lani survived in some way and just needed to move on. We'll never really know. It's the question alone that is so haunting. The title itself represents that same question. What Happened to Lani Garver as in the story of what actually happened to him...or as a question we find ourselves asking...What Happened to Lani Garver?

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Intro Post! [17 Dec 2007|04:14pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Geraldine! (:

{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
What I Was by Meg Rosoff
The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan

{What do you think Lani Garver was?}
I really feel that he was some sort of angel. Even if not a heavenly one, he was a humanly one who definitely helped the people he hung out with.

{How did you feel after reading that book?}
Blown away :D I re-read it another 5 times. It makes me want to meet someone like him, and more importantly, be like Lani, get rid of all those boxes in my head and then help many others I meet.

{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}
Definitely not. It will be nothing but a good influence and a life changing story for many. I sincerely believe that if everyone reads it and takes the story, takes Lani seriously and consider what he has done in the book, then mirror it, this world will be so much better off. (:

{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}
Yeah, it should be more widely publicised, but definitely to a more mature audience - I would hate to see this lovely book fall into the hands of people who will mock it because of its homosexual themes and likewise. A film would be great, because then the characters will come to life. It is true that a film will not be able to capture all of the small but important details in the book but if we keep that fact in mind (that a film cannot be as good as the book it is based on), and the director has tried his/her utmost best, then it will be really good by its own standards.

{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}
Because I just like to think that he really was an angel, I think that his 'death' was a way of departure to Claire and that he then moved on, appeared in someone else's life and is helping them now. There wouldn't be a better way to leave Claire and yet impact her so much that she will never forget him and the lessons he taught her than the apparent drowning.

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Intro Post [14 Jun 2007|08:18pm]

[ mood | happy ]


{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}
Echo, by Francesca Lia Block
The Collector, by John Fowles
An Innocent Bystander, by... I forgot. But it's a gripping book :).

{What do you think Lani Garver was?}
Like Claire said he seemed "beyond human". Androgynous, sexless, beautiful. By being beyond human he had escaped all those boxes, and I adore that. Although, at the same time, he wasn't an alien or something scarily unfamiliar. He was human enough to relate, but not enough to be our idea of normal. He escaped all the boxes.

{How did you feel after reading that book?}
I was overcome with emotion, I was really shocked most of all. I couldn't tear my eyes away from it, and I finished reading it in the middle of class and cried while the teacher was giving us a lecture. So... That was awkward. I remember thinking, How could he supposedly die like that? But, at the same time, if Lani had suddenly grown wings and zapped them all with magic powers or something, that would disappoint me- The book is beautiful, so why did the ending suck? You know.
Of course, my initial reaction was that I lovelovelove this book and I knew I wouldn't forget it any time soon. It just... Woah. I feel like I'm just like Lani in so many different ways.
(Hm, sorry for the too-long answer!)

{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}
Noooo. No! It's such a fantastic brilliant book. No. It has a lot of power behind it, it teaches so many beautiful lessons. It would be a terrible waste if it was banned. If people don't like the book, then they always have the option of stopping it.

{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}
Yes, the book deserves more attention. But not as a film or anything. Films of books always seem to ruin them. Look at Harry Potter, or the adaptation of The Collector. They are terrible representations! There's a lot of thinking and internal dialogue that happens during the book. And, really, having the internal dialogue as a voice over would make it cheesy and bad. I think that the characters are beautiful in that sense because they cannot be replicated. Even though they don't exists, our imaginations can make them come to life. But if we saw a directors representation of them, it would... 'Pollute', in a sense, our own ideas of the characters. Which are surely unique from everyone else's.

{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}
I think that he may have faked it or something, did something to survive. He went to help another Claire person, someone in trouble. He'd done all he could with Claire, so he moved onto someone else who needed him :).

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[19 Dec 2006|04:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

{Name} Mary
{Age} 14
{Three bands you like} Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is...
{Three books (other than Lani Garver)} The Outsiders, Uglies, A Land Remembered
{One picture}

{What do you think Lani Garver was?} Lani Garver was Lani Garver. Angel is a box.
{How did you feel after reading that book?} Awestruck. It's definitely not a lackluster book.
{List the three main emotions you felt after reading that story.} Inspiration, Happiness, and Curiosity
{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?} Why would it be banned? I don't think any book should be banned from libraries; if people don't wantto know about something, then it's their job to not check it out. A work of art shouldn't be banned from the general public because some lowlife doesn't want to hear the truth.
{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a motion picture or otherwise?} Well, if they made a movie, I'd definitely see it, like, the day it came out. There wouldn't be any harm to it, but people should read the book before they see the movie, that way if the movie sucks they'll still have had the full effect of the book.
{What is your favorite quote by a character or from the narraration in the book?}"Message from God: Don't wish for good luck."
{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?} Well, I think he "faked 'em out" and is out helping some other 'Claire' out in the world.

Lani Garver is probably one of my favorite books, it's definitely very influential.

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[24 Aug 2006|08:56pm]

{Name} Cornelia
{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}Harry Potter. I am the Messenger. After.
{What do you think Lani Garver was?}This is a hard question...I guess he was kind of like the character Angel in "Rent"...someone who was born who saw the greater good in mankind.
{How did you feel after reading that book?}Awed...Touched...Sad....Curious...Hungry for more! =]
{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}No, I don't think it should. I think everyone should read this book. It's such a beautiful story.
{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}Personally, I'd love to see Lani come to life, but at the same time, I feel as though a movie would ruin the book. So I remain reletively (sp) nuetral.
{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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[13 Nov 2005|04:04pm]

{Name: Breanne}
{Three books (other than Lani Garver): My Sister's Keeper, Ender's Game and The Way The Crow Flies}
{What do you think Lani Garver was?: An angel.}
{How did you feel after reading that book?: Like I need to read it again several thousand times. It changed my whole outlook on what life is. I can't make assumptions about people anymore.}
{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?: No. No. It's so...good. There's such a good message. Between the bullying and the gender issues, it's got such a strong message. I think it needs to be advocated.}
{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?: No. If they overpublicise it, there's a chance that the message will be lost. It's one of those things that are better obscure.}
{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?: Lani's work on Earth was done. Claire was saved, she was with better people, so Lani went back to where Lani came from, wherever that may be.}
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[29 Oct 2005|09:37am]

I'M POSTING! yaaay.

so i've found a small contingent of seniors and juniors who love lani just as much as i do, which makes me very, very, very happy. it's only like.. three, but it's enough. we were considering starting a lani club, but we're only four people. then again, our school has a harry potter club. so it might just happen. other than that, i'm trying to convince my drama supervisor that next year's play should be an adaption of lani. this year we're doing a comedy, and guess what? last year we did a comedy. and the year before that? we did a comedy. OH! and the year before that? a freaking comedy. you know what the other school did last year? a streetcar named desire. THAT was a play i wanted to go see. but no. we do freaking comedy.. no. i think lani would make an excellent stage play, a little hard to do, but excellent nonetheless. i'm going to offer to convert it and everything. maybe stormfo could help me out a smidge.. ?

lotsa love-
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:) [06 Sep 2005|03:30pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So, school started for me..and I'm in psych class..and I've been trying to get my psych teacher to read Lani for a while now (a lot of last year) and he never had time..but he finally did this year and he's reading it right now...he said that he would be finished with it by tomorrow..and I've just been really excited to know what his reaction is to the book..given that he is a psych teacher..lol..so yeah..just thought I'd share that with you guys..and I will post what he said tomorrow..if you guys want me to that is :)

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[05 Sep 2005|05:50pm]
[ mood | :D ]

I've been meaning to post this for awhile because I think this is just so fabulous!

Last week sometime (or maybe at the end of the week before that), I'm looking our highschool's library for the book, To Catch an Angel. I didn't find it, so I think to myself, "I wonder if What Happened to Lani Garver is here... I think I'll check." I went to the computer and typed in the title, and to my amazement there it was! Showing two copies! Wow!

Naturally, I didn't believe this so I had to see for myself! I went to the Fiction section and I'm all happy and excited. I get to the shelf and I can't seem to find Plum-Ucci and my hopes sink. But there... on the shelf near the bottom... is two copies!


A few days before that I had been in class and we were talking about books and my friend Holly brought up the book and we were talking about it in class, and I recommended it to a lot of people. I told them, though, that I wish them good luck finding it in ANY library because no one has been able to. The day after that class, I tell everyone that I found it in the library and everyone is all yay-like.

Isn't that wonderful? My sould floated to heaven.

I'm also, next year, going to do a DI (Dramatic Interpretation) for Contest Drama from that book. The scene where Claire and Lani are on the bus to visit her dad in Philadelphia, after she hit Vince.

Well... that's all.. I just wanted to tell you guys that because I thought that was awesome.

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