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{Name: Breanne}
{Three books (other than Lani Garver): My Sister's Keeper, Ender's Game and The Way The Crow Flies}
{What do you think Lani Garver was?: An angel.}
{How did you feel after reading that book?: Like I need to read it again several thousand times. It changed my whole outlook on what life is. I can't make assumptions about people anymore.}
{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?: No. No. It's so...good. There's such a good message. Between the bullying and the gender issues, it's got such a strong message. I think it needs to be advocated.}
{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?: No. If they overpublicise it, there's a chance that the message will be lost. It's one of those things that are better obscure.}
{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?: Lani's work on Earth was done. Claire was saved, she was with better people, so Lani went back to where Lani came from, wherever that may be.}
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