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Intro Post


{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}
Echo, by Francesca Lia Block
The Collector, by John Fowles
An Innocent Bystander, by... I forgot. But it's a gripping book :).

{What do you think Lani Garver was?}
Like Claire said he seemed "beyond human". Androgynous, sexless, beautiful. By being beyond human he had escaped all those boxes, and I adore that. Although, at the same time, he wasn't an alien or something scarily unfamiliar. He was human enough to relate, but not enough to be our idea of normal. He escaped all the boxes.

{How did you feel after reading that book?}
I was overcome with emotion, I was really shocked most of all. I couldn't tear my eyes away from it, and I finished reading it in the middle of class and cried while the teacher was giving us a lecture. So... That was awkward. I remember thinking, How could he supposedly die like that? But, at the same time, if Lani had suddenly grown wings and zapped them all with magic powers or something, that would disappoint me- The book is beautiful, so why did the ending suck? You know.
Of course, my initial reaction was that I lovelovelove this book and I knew I wouldn't forget it any time soon. It just... Woah. I feel like I'm just like Lani in so many different ways.
(Hm, sorry for the too-long answer!)

{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}
Noooo. No! It's such a fantastic brilliant book. No. It has a lot of power behind it, it teaches so many beautiful lessons. It would be a terrible waste if it was banned. If people don't like the book, then they always have the option of stopping it.

{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}
Yes, the book deserves more attention. But not as a film or anything. Films of books always seem to ruin them. Look at Harry Potter, or the adaptation of The Collector. They are terrible representations! There's a lot of thinking and internal dialogue that happens during the book. And, really, having the internal dialogue as a voice over would make it cheesy and bad. I think that the characters are beautiful in that sense because they cannot be replicated. Even though they don't exists, our imaginations can make them come to life. But if we saw a directors representation of them, it would... 'Pollute', in a sense, our own ideas of the characters. Which are surely unique from everyone else's.

{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}
I think that he may have faked it or something, did something to survive. He went to help another Claire person, someone in trouble. He'd done all he could with Claire, so he moved onto someone else who needed him :).
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