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I've been meaning to post this for awhile because I think this is just so fabulous!

Last week sometime (or maybe at the end of the week before that), I'm looking our highschool's library for the book, To Catch an Angel. I didn't find it, so I think to myself, "I wonder if What Happened to Lani Garver is here... I think I'll check." I went to the computer and typed in the title, and to my amazement there it was! Showing two copies! Wow!

Naturally, I didn't believe this so I had to see for myself! I went to the Fiction section and I'm all happy and excited. I get to the shelf and I can't seem to find Plum-Ucci and my hopes sink. But there... on the shelf near the bottom... is two copies!


A few days before that I had been in class and we were talking about books and my friend Holly brought up the book and we were talking about it in class, and I recommended it to a lot of people. I told them, though, that I wish them good luck finding it in ANY library because no one has been able to. The day after that class, I tell everyone that I found it in the library and everyone is all yay-like.

Isn't that wonderful? My sould floated to heaven.

I'm also, next year, going to do a DI (Dramatic Interpretation) for Contest Drama from that book. The scene where Claire and Lani are on the bus to visit her dad in Philadelphia, after she hit Vince.

Well... that's all.. I just wanted to tell you guys that because I thought that was awesome.
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