mallowmar (runaway___) wrote in lani_garver,

I'M POSTING! yaaay.

so i've found a small contingent of seniors and juniors who love lani just as much as i do, which makes me very, very, very happy. it's only like.. three, but it's enough. we were considering starting a lani club, but we're only four people. then again, our school has a harry potter club. so it might just happen. other than that, i'm trying to convince my drama supervisor that next year's play should be an adaption of lani. this year we're doing a comedy, and guess what? last year we did a comedy. and the year before that? we did a comedy. OH! and the year before that? a freaking comedy. you know what the other school did last year? a streetcar named desire. THAT was a play i wanted to go see. but no. we do freaking comedy.. no. i think lani would make an excellent stage play, a little hard to do, but excellent nonetheless. i'm going to offer to convert it and everything. maybe stormfo could help me out a smidge.. ?

lotsa love-
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