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Intro Post!

Geraldine! (:

{Three books (other than Lani Garver)}
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
What I Was by Meg Rosoff
The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan

{What do you think Lani Garver was?}
I really feel that he was some sort of angel. Even if not a heavenly one, he was a humanly one who definitely helped the people he hung out with.

{How did you feel after reading that book?}
Blown away :D I re-read it another 5 times. It makes me want to meet someone like him, and more importantly, be like Lani, get rid of all those boxes in my head and then help many others I meet.

{Do you think What Happened to Lani Garver should be a banned book in libraries? Why or why not?}
Definitely not. It will be nothing but a good influence and a life changing story for many. I sincerely believe that if everyone reads it and takes the story, takes Lani seriously and consider what he has done in the book, then mirror it, this world will be so much better off. (:

{Does Lani Garver deserve more attention, such as a film or otherwise?}
Yeah, it should be more widely publicised, but definitely to a more mature audience - I would hate to see this lovely book fall into the hands of people who will mock it because of its homosexual themes and likewise. A film would be great, because then the characters will come to life. It is true that a film will not be able to capture all of the small but important details in the book but if we keep that fact in mind (that a film cannot be as good as the book it is based on), and the director has tried his/her utmost best, then it will be really good by its own standards.

{What do you think exactly happened to Lani Garver?}
Because I just like to think that he really was an angel, I think that his 'death' was a way of departure to Claire and that he then moved on, appeared in someone else's life and is helping them now. There wouldn't be a better way to leave Claire and yet impact her so much that she will never forget him and the lessons he taught her than the apparent drowning.
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